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Volume 26-2
  • Recism and nationalism: The biblical teaching
  • Protection: Where science, ritual, and moral principles meet
  • Let God take you to places unimagined
Volume 26-1
  • Authentic spirituality
  • Enlightenment and the Christian worldview
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Lamech, the ninth from Adam
  • Marriage
Volume 25-1
  • You, your neurons, and free will
  • The Bible and the church
  • History, philosophy, and destiny
  • From farm to fork
Volume 24-3
  • Can a Christian be a good scientist?
  • Looking for (present) truth
  • Every town needs a carpenter
  • Who do you say that I am?
Volume 24-2
  •  Homosexuality and the Bible: What is at stake in the current debate
  • Truth and moral absolutes
  • The gift of sexuality: A biblical overview
  • Words that still speak
Volume 24-1
  •  Is the God of the Old Testament different from the One in the New Testament?
  • Why Christians should study sociology
  • Bringing Christinity into courtship
  • Is the theory of evolution scientific?
Volume 23-2
  • Emotional intelligence: A biblical understanding
  • Who should do theology?
  • Injustice to one, justice for all
  • Humans and champanzees: Are they identical?
Volume 23-1
  • Jerusalem and Athens: Two worldviews, two schools of thought
  • Who are you? Sense of identity - A Christian perspective
  • Why do scientists interpret reality differently?